Personal Branding Will Yield Results and Bring People Back To the Forefront of Business

Personal branding will WOW! your clients and customers with the quality of your employees. It will make employees feel important and valued as a part of the team. Personal branding will improve internal customer service. It helps employees get to know the other employees within the organization. Help recruit top-notch employees that want to stick around. It shows you value the human capital in your business.

The power of a powerful personal brand will provide:

  • A steady stream of ideal clients

  • Leadership opportunities

  • Greater mindshare

  • Association with a market niche

  • Greater creditability

  • Recognition

  • Higher perceived value

Here are a few ways to get started building your personal brand:

Get a Professional Headshot and Hobby Photo – Make a connection with people by allowing them to see your eyes to build trust and creditability. In addition, a hobby photo helps make a connection to others by showing your interests beyond the job site, office, or boardroom.

Identify Professional Purpose – Why do you do what you do, and why do you continue to do it every day. Highlight your strengths and passions.

Develop the Story – storytelling gives you a glimpse of the personality and passion of the person and their contributions to projects, professional growth, and the community.

Build an Online Presence- when building an online presence and being discoverable online, people will become more familiar with you, make audiences curious about you, and build trust and creditability. Research shows that after six employees share on social media, a company receives: 3 company page reviews, six job views, and one new follower. In addition, social media helps with recruiting efforts, brand awareness, employee retention and impacts sales.

Dare to be different. Be Younique. Stand out. Employee personal brands are your differentiator.

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