Make Yourself More Marketable

Are you staying relevant in today’s ever-changing employment marketplace? Constant change is happening – in markets, strategy, best practices, technology and more. To stay competitive, you need to pay attention to trends and actively plan where you want your career to go.  Regardless of age, regardless of position, regardless of the business we happen to be in, we all need to understand the importance of promoting ourselves. We all have the chance to stand out. Do you have a campaign strategy for your career? Do you have a personal website? How about a professional bio or profile? Your bio, profile and personal website is your strategic play. This will help you get hired, gain visibility, get promoted, and win you some serious respect. Your profile and website are a marketing tool for your career. Do you know that 75% of business leaders use some form of social media and technology to make hiring decisions? Do you have an electronic presence? You need to in order to stay ahead of your competition. Start investing in YOU today. It is important to know how to position yourself to attract offers that will advance your career. Contact Promoting Me, LLC. today for your free consultation.

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