Learn From Social Media

Use social media to learn more about your industry and identify the skills that can change your career.  Social media may seem to be an endless stream of selfie‘s, political rants, and clickbait articles, but you can learn a lot from it. In fact, you can use social media to build your professional skills, knowledge and relationships. Start by thinking about what you want to learn, follow smart industry leaders to see what they are reading and talking about.

Connect the dots to your career and create a compelling narrative. First identify the story of your professional life. Maybe you’ve always like building things or you’re excited about motivating people. Next, ask yourself what you like to do. Ask yourself what kinds of tasks do you like to do. Consider what you’ve enjoyed most in school and at work, and think about what ties them together. Then craft your story. Focus on what you’re great at, using language that pulls together your diverse experiences. Explain what you do well, why you do it, and how your past is relevant to your career.

Create a strategic message – communicate clearly, execute fast, think creatively, build your network and act with courage. Promoting me is here to help position you in the right way and help you launch your brilliant career. Contact us today.

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