Develop and Promote Your Personal Brand

Developing a personal brand is valuable, since a strong reputation can put you on the radar for exciting career opportunities. Here are three strategies that will help ensure your talents are recognized.

Network both inside and outside your organization – consciously cultivate a broad network. Make a point of building professional connections with people you meet through hobbies, relationships with neighbors or parents at kids school, friends, family. Too many professionals over index on "bonding capital" to use a term populated by Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam, and under invest in "bridging capital".  In other words, they have too many connections who are like them and not nearly enough who are dissimilar.

Control your narrative – if we work hard, people will notice. Because people are so overstretched these days, that’s unfortunately almost never true. Help others understand the truth about your journey by developing a clear and concise elevator pitch that explains how your previous skills connect with, and add value to, what you’re doing now. Rather than helping others figure it out, show them by making a connection.

Share your ideas publicly – if you keep a low profile and let your work speaks for itself, you may develop a good relationship among the people you work closely with. That’s a relatively limited number of people. Individuals in other departments or leaders many levels above you may not be aware of your contributions. Staffing changes in an organization might disrupt the hard fought reputation capital that you’ve built. Your new boss or colleagues lack experience with you,  they may have no idea whether you’re good or not. Many people feel uncomfortable talking about their accomplishments and promoting themselves.

Content creation and personal branding is fraught for many professionals – no one wants to look like a craven self promoter. But if we don’t control our own narrative and show the world what we can contribute, odds are, very few people will actually notice.

At Promoting Me, we will help you follow these strategies and help you dramatically increase the odds that your true talents will get known, recognized and appreciated. Let’s start today!

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