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Make Your Dream Happen

Build Your Business 

Build your business from concept to your first client!   Do you have a business idea, and are struggling to find the path to implementation? 

The Promoting Me Team has 30+ years of experience in leadership and business. 15 different business start-ups  in different economies in the market sectors of food and beverage, construction, storage solutions, product patent development, idea creation and trademarking, property management, finance, insurance, and leadership.

Starting and managing a business takes motivation, desire, and talent.  It also takes research and planning.  To increase your chances of success, you must have a trusted advisor by your side that has the experience to help you execute the necessary steps.

We will help you build your Business Plan

Business Name, Location, Product, or Service

What is Your Target Market

Who Is your Management Team

Service Offering 

The Marketplace 

Marketing Plan

The Organizational Structure

The Financials 


We Connect You With

Trusted Advisors


 To discuss appropriate business forms, equipment, operating budgets, tax planning, and bookkeeping system design. Will file governmental forms necessary to start a business.  Will help you obtain and Sales and Use Tax Permit.  Register your IRS Business ID Number.  Register your state Business ID Number.  If you are hiring employees, you will need to register with the state Unemployment office.


Set the form of business, proper filing of papers, interpreting rights and obligations of business persons.  They will help you determine the type of business organization.  Partnership – Corporation – Limited Liability Company.  They will help you register your certificate of assumed name for the business and/or file articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State. Help you secure the appropriate business licenses and permits.


For financial expertise, special financial services, and opening a separate business bank account.

Insurance Broker

To evaluate insurance needs to set up a program for business protection, including general, fire and liability coverage, and worker’s compensation.

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