Marketing is no longer just about the stuff you make...it's about the story you tell.
- Seth Godin

We help you and your business be Younique!

  • We help you strategize your business, your people and your career. 

  • We help you develop and tell your story in a way most have not considered. 

  • We help you stand out and be noticed.

  • We help elevate you and others - both inside your organization and to the marketplace. 

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How We Help Business

How We Help Individuals

Most companies don’t have a way to keep track of the experience and stories of their people.  At Promoting Me, LLC, we help organizations prioritize, recognize, and celebrate their most important asset - their people. Our innovative solutions lead to better retention, more sales, and improved human-to-human connections, both internally and externally. In other words, we put the human back in business and help you make a name for yourself!


As a result, businesses will: 

  • Bring people back to the forefront of business. 

  • Recruit top-notch employees who want to stick around.

  • Build fans within the organization who whole-heartedly believe in the mission.

  • “Wow” clients and customers with the quality of their team members.

  • Eliminate the disconnect between the recruitment process and the job itself.

  • Make their employees feel important and valued for what they bring to the table.

  • Develop systems and processes for ongoing people management investments.

  • Help your employees connect with each other, building loyalty and trust. 

  • Allow your talent to tell their own stories and be proud of their own accomplishments.


With Promoting Me, LLC, on your side, you will feel supported, empowered, and excited to tell your employees’ stories and connect on a whole new level!

You already know that your career is in your hands! But do you know the significance of where you’ve been - and have a plan for where you’re going? We help individuals create a career campaign and build a personal brand.  We transform your resume into a customized personalized website profile to tell your story, showcase your accomplishments, and propel your career. Along the way, you will experience greater self-confidence and pride in your best attributes!


We will work together to help you develop: 

  • A personalized website on your own domain

  • A personal brand statement

  • A fully developed, professional online profile

  • A refresh on LinkedIn to match your online profile 

  • An electronic business card with all your information in one place. 

Ready to be recognized in your career? You can't get recognized if you can't get noticed.  It’s time to set yourself apart! It’s time to invest in you.  Let us help you make a name for yourself.  

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